Surveillance Video Rapid Authentication

For any attorney, it can be devastating when a case is undermined by apparently incriminating surveillance video from a private investigator. If left unchallenged, improper editing and format conversions can result in highly misleading video that can prejudice a jury at trial, yet authentication testimony is all too often perfunctory. It doesn't have to be this way.

Surveillance Video Rapid Authentication is a fast, cost effective way to determine if video provided by opposing counsel's investigator has discrepancies that would allow you to successfully exclude it.

Surveillance Video Rapid Authentication includes:

  1. A line of questioning to use at the investigator's deposition, or to be submitted as interrogatory questions. You'll know exactly what to ask, including follow-up questions, to determine what equipment was purportedly used to make the questioned recording.

  2. A detailed technical analysis of the questioned recording to determine if it is consistent with an original recording generated directly by the equipment that was allegedly used, or if it is consistent with a file produced by editing or conversion software.

  3. A comparison of metadata present in the questioned recording vs. an exemplar file generated by the purported source of the recording.

  4. A list of all breaks in continuity (probable edit points) in the questioned video recording.  

If the analysis indicates undisclosed edits or conversions that cause misleading video, the detailed report can provide you the basis for excluding the evidence, or impeaching the investigator's testimony.

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